Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3129. How to Enhance Memory

My senior students – retired people – tell me sometimes they’re losing memory, up to what extent is this? What I have clear in mind is that I make them train their memory, by repeating exercises they do, like remembering points from past worksheets I hand them out: they’ve got to recall their topics, their vocabulary, the main ideas, their summaries.
This may be a plausible possible solution, up to some extent.
A nice activity we do in the classroom – actually the center library – is defining and saying the meaning of words from those worksheets. It is an activity where they’ve got to remember notions and ideas, and manage their communicative oral competence.
By the way this exercise may be carried out is various ways. For your real students. For example they’ve got to define words by using a given word, or if they have some more communicative competences and resources they could have to define words WITHOUT a given word, which by far is much more difficult.
Thus the point here is that they’ve got to practice communicative oral competences plus memory, because they’ve got to retrieve lexis they already have. It can be a nice activity for your classes, for your students: give it a try. They’ll gain nice skills for when they travel abroad or communicate with native speakers for instance. / Photo from: WallpaperSafari. Fishing joins a variety of skills together. The picture is a mere illustration.

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