Thursday, March 2, 2017

3112. Getting the Best from Our Students

American expert Marc Prensky states that we teachers have to be like our students’ coaches. All knowledge is in the Internet, and we have to teach our students practical things and how to better the world and their own surroundings.
You may agree or disagree with this scholar, but I’m telling you something about his proposals, worth to consider and think of them.
We may be asking our students which school subject their favorite one is, but we should ask them what their passion is. Those students could tell you their teachers don’t know what their passions are, and they should know them...
We have to extract the best from our students.
Our students should embark in bettering our world and our surroundings, like for example a girl might design and construct an app to call the police in case of gender violence.
Some other experts state that we teachers have to foster and accentuate creativity both from us teachers as well as from our students. And I’ve written quite a lot on creativity on this blog – you can click on the “creativity” tag at the right column on this blog.
Also, and we can draw this conclusion from what said above, we have to empathize with our students. As you can see on this post I’ve simply outlined some points that would deserve and need extra development, but I wanted to summarize what Prensky and others have stated. Here you are. It's interesting. / Photo from: earth-day-activity-girl-planting-tree-700x465 Fun Activities For Our Kids On Earth Day www joanlunden com. The young girl on the picture may be an ace at planting...
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