Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3118. Getting to Know Our Students Individually

We could consider the school as our students’ home extension. Ultimately what we teachers do is to help parents and families educate their children.
As a result we will address our students by their proper names or family names if they aren’t too buddy-like… To transform the school into their home extension – but we teachers are not our students’ buddies – we should keep in touch with their parents and families.
So we could call parents to school at least three times a school year, but it’d better if we could talk with them each month or each two months, and have tutoring sessions with them. We should count on parents and maybe on elder siblings alike for the education enterprise.
At those tutorials we could tackle what their parents and families want us to insist more on. Even in some cases we’ll make parents and families become aware they should think of education with more interest and concern because they might be too indifferent and unmoved!
Although we may have many students, thanks to tutoring sessions with parents we’ll get to know their children better: you understand what a student is like also when you meet his parents, is that so? I guess yes. And though we may have a lot of students we’ll ascertain what to demand from each student a bit more.
Thus said and as a consequence we’ll consider our students a bit more like they were our own children, and I’ve seen this in quite many cases! We’re concerned about our students and their world. / Photo from: working-dad Stay-at-Home-Dads
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