3131. Teaching like Conducting an Orchestra!

The teacher should lead the lesson with discernment.
He will insist on one planned activity if he thinks it’d okay with his students, and will maybe skip another activity he had planned, if he judges it’d good for his students’ learning the foreign or second language.
He also knows how to encourage his students, when it’s appropriate to recognize their effort and also how to denounce when his students are not applying themselves to a correct learning approach or rhythm. As I said he’ll encourage his students with both a smile but a serious gesture too.
When denouncing something that is not going well anyway he’ll be and act gently. It’s kind of conducting an orchestra. As well and this may be a bit more difficult and skillful, he’ll know how to lift and hold on with the class morale.
All this demands nice discernment from the teacher, and how to gain it? I’d advise practice, practice, experience, experience, and in the meantime he will try to do it all gently but firmly. Each lesson is a step forward, a brick of the tall building of his students’ learning and acquiring the target language. / Photo from: TuoiTreNews Vietnamese students


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