Saturday, March 4, 2017

3116. Learning to Work as Teams is Necessary

We teachers can make grammar presentations, and our students will appreciate it, okay. However we second or foreign language teachers can ask our students to make those presentations, by working in groups. We’d mark them a deadline and they’ve got to prepare a grammar point presentation.
It’s sound to have our kids work in groups, for they’ll have to work as a team in their future lives, right? And they could obtain that grammar information in the Internet, their iPads or textbooks. But we’ve got to teach them how to work as a group – by the way remember that grammar is like the language skeleton: it serves the purpose of helping in our students’ gaining communicative competences.
I would recommend groups of three people: I consider that four is too much and their work could result as blurred or lost among themselves – when three they may be more responsible.
I’ve written on this blog about group working. They could choose with whom they’d like to stay as a group, but maybe some teacher’s intervention could be necessary. I’m thinking of those poor students with whom nobody would work with. And in this case those poor students could work with some high-achievers, who could afford the task of monitoring those low-achievers. And the high-achievers could enrich their personalities by accepting some low-achiever in their team.
If high-achievers are aware that they’ve got to help the student+teacher learning community they’ll better their personality, as I said. I’ve seen so nice cases.
We could take aside two high-achievers and let them know they could assist and help such or such low-achiever: he needs help and they together can mature a lot.
So as to finish I will say that the common work they’re going to carry out could be accomplished at the school library or they can meet together at the town library, if the case. I mean this because group-working is rather time-consuming and the students could attain their goal by working as an extra-school activity. / Photo from: hedgefundcertification com. the picture may show a working-team of a corporation.
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