3137. Teaching is Great. Treating People is Great!

We teachers teach our students, willingly and with professionalism. But do we receive something from them? I think we do. We can learn how to be more human and humane when treating those kids or those grown-ups.
I can tell you from my experience that treating people, treating singular persons, enriches a lot. While we’re treating our dear students – although sometimes they may make us suffer – we may be polishing our personality and manners and ways of leading a lesson.
I think we teachers receive a lot from our students. As I am telling on recent posts, we teachers have to learn how to teach and treat people. And sometimes we’ll have got to rectify something we’ve done wrong to some person. Maybe we might have treated some student in a hard way, and perhaps we have got to rectify, maybe in public, to ask that student for his forgiving.
Teaching can be one of the most enriching jobs we can think of, though every profession is so necessary, of course. One interesting point is to learn how to listen to our students and their personal stories. We could make the resolution of being merciful with our students next lesson. / Photo from: www floridajewishacademy org


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