Monday, March 27, 2017

3140. Making Up a Cozy Atmosphere

The only way for our students to learn and acquire the target language or any other school subject is to make up a cozy, human and humane atmosphere in the classroom. But this is compatible with discipline, class management, and hard working. Of course it is.
We teachers have to treat our students also in a transcendent way: let’s consider people, or persons, have a spiritual part of their being. Even more, they’re children of God, and not less than that! Let’s treat our students with a supernatural view. That’s the only way for treating them okay and nice, and as they deserve.
If we see people, persons, souls, we shall be able to treat our students in an appropriate way, corresponding to their nature, and according to their way of being.
If I’m a man, and have to teach a girl, a beautiful one – or otherwise if she were rather ugly anyway – I should view in her a child of God and a person with a spiritual part and a biography that I have to contribute in a nice, prudent and respectful way – of course I could think she’s beautiful too.
Currently I teach both men and women, and I must treat them with exquisite respect, the one a human person deserves. And with deference.
Okay, Fernando, but is all that not too much theoretical or non-practical? You know, when addressing them I must be prudent and nice, and I should learn how to appreciate their targets and right answers to my prompts as a teacher, and subsequently congratulate them in a nice way.
A point of humor: I’m using and overusing the word “nice” too much, but in my communicative competence in English I can’t find another nice word…
Summing up: I must recognize their efforts and strivings and struggling to learn and acquire English and have got to tell them, Okay people, you’re doing so fine, and you’re improving a lot, my congrats! I will treat those people as clever ones. And with prudence, discernment and judgment. / Photo from: Bus-stop throughmyspecs com. Although on the picture there are many people, all of them deserve my particular and individual respect.

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