Sunday, March 19, 2017

3127. In Contact with Real People in the Classroom

We teachers cannot forget we work with people, with singular persons, with singular human persons. It’s evident but let’s think of it. So when we plan a lesson, which is something we must do, planning lessons, we should have our real students in mind, our actual students in mind, with their needs, their expectations, with their ways of being.
Also something pretty enriching is the dialog with them in the classroom, for example when there’s a small conflict or any tension. We teachers have to learn how to listen to them, although immature we may think they are still.
What’s important for them should be important for us their teachers.
Reading books and novels is enriching but dialoging with human persons and coexisting and loving them is much richer, is this so?
And let’s be human and humane for we could have refugee children or kids among our students: let’s be affective and attentive to their special circumstances. Let’s meet their parents and families and let’s listen to them quite a lot. Listen, listen, listen.
We can also learn about this from Pope Francis. He’s close to the human person, to any singular human person: refugees, ex-prostitutes, sick people, poor people, families, parents, single moms with their babies… He likes or chooses to be in contact with real people, real persons. He has returned dignity to those people and more many others. / Photo from: Spring-Forest wallsfield com. The picture is a mere illustration, a season one: spring seems to be near.

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