Friday, March 3, 2017

3115. Committed Teachers!

Phew! I’ve invested a nice great effort lately on my blog. It’d be great it would help you teachers, busy teachers, who are the ones that publish and read from TeacherLingo.
I’d like today to say that kids grow up without stridencies when there’s love at home. In that way they can learn, because they can work and study. Kids need their parents’ love plus all their family’s love. Otherwise they will learn with scarcities.
At school we teachers will achieve and attain to also educate them if we love them, with benevolence love, which means to wish what’s good for them (bene-volence). They’ll be able to recall us easily if we loved them with that benevolence love. Also if we were demanding toward them, if we asked from them and at the same time we gave them knowledge and gaining competences for their future.
What teachers can we remember the most? So love to our students, but never overprotection, neither at home nor at school. You tell me that in large families there’s less risk at applying overprotection, okay then. / Photo from: multiflying Dogtime. I posted that picture just because it’s a nice illustration. And many families have dogs...
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