3119. School Excursions Are Great!

School excursions are great.
It may be sensible to take our students to an excursion for instance to the countryside. In that way they’ll see us teachers in a different context than school, and this may be educative too!
I used to take them to an excursion in the former schools where I taught, and those trips turned out to be good. The excursions used to take morning through evening, and we returned home so happy. Some of them took place in May, with nice weather and to a shrine or chapel of the Virgin Mary. At that place we said some prayers and spent the rest of the day by enjoying that day off.
Also those opportunities were okay because you could observe the kids in a different context too and you got to know them better. Even though those travels were leisure we teachers tried to keep discipline, but in a more relaxed way.
As well they were a chance for the kids to get to know us teachers better. Those chances were enriching all in all. Something not that positive was that we teachers had to be cautious a few of our students would not take some liquor with them, because they were underage… But the whole thing was nice.
Something remarkable was that the excursions with boys aged 13-14 showed that some of them were so childish still, whereas some of them were quite adolescents and they liked to do things not that childish. We chartered a bus and even the relationships with the driver were nice, although some of them just took us to place and returned after that until the time they had to pick us up back home.
I keep nice remembrances of those excursions, more now that spring is at the threshold. Oh and we learned from the boys things like how to fish river crabs! / Photo from: school_excursion Flight Centre


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