Monday, March 20, 2017

3128. Students' Creativity May Be Just Great!

We teachers have to take advantage of our students’ best chances for learning creativity, this is, to learn in a creative way.
We could facilitate our students enough time for creativity, and so foster and boost their creativity whenever it’s simpler to provoke. Sometimes our students are about to show their creativity, and we teachers should take advantage of those times for our students to learn in that creative way.
For instance we can set and assign project-works by teams, I would advise of three people, as I’ve said on other posts. Specifically our students might have got to search information and stuff about specific points within the school subjects: math, science, literature, history, chemistry, physics, sports, catechism classes, mother language classes…
Well namely it’s like flipped classrooms: the students have to research about a specific point, topic or issue, and after that studying process, they will present their results and those topics themselves to their classmates in the classroom.
Also they might have to make up a poster or a Powerpoint presentation. Now I can remember once my students, well two of them aged 14 needed a whole class-period – about one hour – to talk about a topic they had researched about (firearms), whereas their classmates needed only a portion of a class-period – some 15 minutes.
The ultimate point, as I said, is to foster their creativity, for this latter feature may catapult and foster their learning quite a lot. I’m giving you some examples, within the school subject of English as a foreign language: The parliamentary way of governing the UK, The White House, The Victorian British Empire, Present simple and present continuous, Reported speech in English, Comparison in that language, Traveling and the airport and related vocabulary, Shopping, Speaking on the phone, World War I in the UK, Gibraltar: a visit, The invention of soccer in Britain, Past simple and present perfect, Going to a restaurant and its vocabulary, Turner’s Painting, The Civil War in the USA… and a very long etcetera.
However you teacher oughtn’t to discard presentations by yourself, for your students may need it too! And you teacher will likely have to orientate your students’ researching in the Web for example, at the flipped classroom methodology of learning. / Photo from: Turner s Painting www treshark com

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