Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3111. Are We Teachers Updated?

I’m briefly saying something about something else I’ve already said. Second or foreign language students should be autonomous learners, although they also need presentations by their teachers, presentations about what their teachers know and may be an expert on…
Okay, students currently have all in their textbooks, iPads and the Web. They should investigate and research on those topics their teacher could present, and subsequently present them to their classmates. Maybe sometimes.
We teachers should take more into account what our students can say about their own education and learning processes. I don’t discard presentations, you know, but sometimes students might find those topics on those resources I just mentioned.
Maybe kids should be even more protagonists, with their teachers’ help and assistance of course. So let’s not “interrupt” our students when they’re learning on their own...
Some of these ideas were taken from New Yorker Marc Prensky, some from other authors, and some others, modestly, by me myself. I could write further on these issues and topics. Later on. / Photo from: evidence Live Science. We teachers have to research, observe and annotate about what experts say, and from criticism about them as well. We’re living through a new revolutionary dawn-to-education experiments and research I’d say, and we must be updated. I don't mean our students are lab mice.
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