Sunday, March 26, 2017

3138. Why So Many Teachers Are Nice?

The teacher? He or she is the main lesson resource. If we want an effective teaching at our schools let’s take care of the teachers.
Anyway at a school the order of assisting them should be the parents and families, then the teachers, and then the students. I learned about this when I was teaching at a school north of Granada, in the fantastic province of Jaén, where people are so kind and nice...
My first years at that school were terrible, but very instructive anyway: I learned what a teacher should not do, this is, to be kind of a sergeant.
But today is Sunday and the weather is bright: I went for a walk in shirt sleeves – do you say so? You know what I mean.
Well I was saying that for a teacher one of the most important things is his or her family, and he or she should devote as much time as possible to them, because teaching is so demanding and time consuming. As you know, some many Sundays I don’t post. Or a brief something, like today. I also wanted to see to a bugging problem at my Blogger program. Have a nice Sunday and a nice week, nice people! / Photo from: what_is_creative_teaching NEA Today

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