Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3120. Teachers? Special People!

Smiling helps students get motivated. Smiling has the power of creating a nice atmosphere.
Besides, we teachers must be peace and joy sowers in our classrooms and the whole school, also among our colleagues and parents and families...
Even smiling gives seriousness to the lesson, paradoxically... Also we teachers have to notice if the activities are going smooth; otherwise if an activity gets blocked and prevents from rather a quick pace we could skip the exercise with our expertise, our abilities and our skills.
The teacher is the main source and resource for the lessons and they have no substitution, for example by a robot (so far, but I guess teachers will always be necessary…).
We teachers are encouragers, mediators, actors and actresses, a bit of a clown sometimes, catalysts, family-members-like, advisers, psychologists, culture-spreaders, culture-creators, culture-developers, entertainers, a bit of superman or superwoman, criers, sellers, assistants… phew! / Photo from: astronaut-auf-der-iss,-meer bilder 4ever eu. Also astronauts are a strong and magnificent job, isn’t it? Well, they’re pretty well trained.

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