Monday, March 6, 2017

3117. How to Manage Behavior

I’ve written quite a lot on behavior management.
Today I’m saying that the teacher’s authority must lean on both gentleness and firmness. The teacher must be gentle and firm with those students who may be misbehaving and bothering and disturbing us and the rest of the class too. Think of it, gentleness but firmness at the same time.
We teachers are developing our professional work during the lesson, and that must be respected, yes sir, it must.
If we teachers tolerate some disruptive behaviors we could have some problems at classes. But if our students see we’re easy but firm in denouncing what’s wrong, they’ll respect us more and more. And let’s continue with our professional way of teaching during the lesson, which is something very serious.
Also we could combine seriousness with smiling too. We show ourselves as serious and willing to help our students in their learning process, okay, and while we’re conducting the lesson in that way and things are going rather smooth we can smile so as to underline and stress our carrying out the class in a professional way. Smiling can be very serious, let’s say.
Our students will see we’re firm if our whole conducting, also in our private lives is upright and honest: we can only give what we have, and we can’t give anything we falter in our lives! / Photo from: ophthalmologist-or-optometrist-for-eye-care Berkeley Eye Center. I posted a picture that shows a job carried out with great professionalism.
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