Tuesday, March 14, 2017

3122. In Close Contact with Nature!

Phew! I’m back at the blog. Here you are. I was thinking of writing something about the care toward our planet we should educate our students at.
Something I used to do when we ran an excursion was to throw all the garbage and litter to garbage containers. Thus our students plastically learned how to take care of our environment.
Sometimes I explained to them that for example plastic couldn’t get destroyed easily if they threw plastic disposable bags to the ground – not to mention drink cans... Even sometimes we were able to see squirrels, something that got our students more immersed in nature.
We used to go to the town outskirt forests and countryside. As I said on a previous post, running school excursions was great and generally all of us came back to school joyful, after a day in close contact with nature, our surrounding nature. We teachers must educate our students in taking care of the environment and even beyond that point: all the world! / Photo from: fish, water, sea, underwater, divers, photo sedayejavedan persiangig com

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