Friday, March 24, 2017

3134. Listening to Students? Well That's Great, Look!

How to empathize. This is sheer important for us teachers. And for many other people, but I’m focusing on us teachers. We deal with… people every day and not with goods!
Okay then, we should put in our students’ shoes. How? Let’s see. It springs from the person’s interior, first of all, first premise. It’s a nice trait we should have or gain anyway. We’re concerned about the students, and their lives and biographies and learning processes.
Second premise, let’s listen to them whenever they’d like to tell us something, albeit we could be in a bit of a hurry: be careful, because one of the most important points about our job as teachers is raising all those kids. Whatever we do and whatever we don’t influence on them.
When they’re telling something they’re interested in that thing is quite important. We should listen. And we could paraphrase as they’re telling about their problem. We can paraphrase as they’re telling us that point. Also it’s kind of benevolence love and a clever and smart affection: he’s one of our students!
Besides he’s a son of God and not less than that! He so deserves being listened to. Let’s take charge of what he's telling me and as well I could try to do something myself maybe! Great Spanish teacher Tomás Alvira used to take charge of what the other person was telling him, and he hit the target in that way.
Well you know I could try to say other things but I don’t intend to be so exhaustive and in-depth. It’s enough: our students all are great and deserve us listening to them. / Photo from: Teacher M Mind42

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