Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3130. A Nice Vision of Our Work as Teachers!

Leaning on God. That helps quite a lot.
The spiritual and supernatural resource and way may help a lot. In today western society we need it. The point is to live as in dollar bills is said: “In God we trust”. Spiritual life helps.
The point also is having a transcendent view of life. I mean, transcendent viewing and thinking too. It gives us peace at everyday work, at everyday living. You may think of a teacher that has this transcendent vision of life: life may show a positive and optimistic vision. Obviously our students may also have this vision of life, which is so important today… as always anyway.
And parents and families alike.
Moreover we know that we are children of God, and not less than that! And that helps a lot, a great deal, as it’s been said. The power of prayer is fascinating. Think of whom we pray to. He’s our Dad, with awesome love of dads and moms! I can assure you living and working in this way is fascinating too – as many of you also know. Or you can say: trying to live and work in this way, because we always can do more.
So let’s lean on God and on his grace and help.
Oh, prayer is powerful but we get things from our Father as they must be: sometimes we get what we were looking for and sometimes otherwise: He keeps on listening to us. All the time. / Photo from: Placement India

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