Thursday, March 2, 2017

3113. Sheer Communication in English

Today at the center where I teach grown-ups have had an interesting experience. We’ve been talking in English for an hour, from some worksheets a female student has provided to us, about healthcare for the old.
Today there were only three students and they three were speaking in English rather fluently, I’d say. That’s great. We’ve discussed about how walking, brisk walking is so good for our health, when we start to become rather old.
We also solved some small problems at talking in that language. The overall thing was great. In Spain more and more we are aware that mastering English is just essential, not only for getting a future job, but also for everyday conducting and relating with other people that live abroad or here in our country – we live in a globalized atmosphere, as you well know.
Bilingual people or people with rather an advanced level of English are more agile and flexible regarding their minds and solving problems. It’s been a great thing: they three had my congrats. / Photo from: www talkenglishclass com. Obviously, as always, the picture above shows different people than my students.
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