Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3121. Your Work as a Teacher is So Great!

I don’t know where the thing below is from but it might be good posting I guess. I found it among my old Word documents. Do you have any idea where it may come from? I like it.
“Professional work [is] a reality distinct from mere intellectual or manual activity, or even of work considered as a force that transforms nature. It is, undoubtedly, a richer concept, one related to professional vocation, which a person has regarding a particular kind of work rooted in his or her aptitudes, tastes, gifts, virtues, etc.”
El trabajo profesional es una realidad distinta de la mera actividad intelectual o material, o incluso del trabajo considerado como fuerza que transforma la naturaleza. Es, sin duda, un concepto más rico, relacionado con la vocación profesional, que una persona tiene de acuerdo con un tipo particular de trabajo enraizado en sus aptitudes, gustos, dones, virtudes, etc. / Photo from: Mending-Shirt in 1916 in the IWW www old-picture com. The picture is just a nice and interesting or curious illustration.

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