Thursday, March 2, 2017

3114. Today's School, Tomorrow's School

Today’s school is changing, as you may have noticed. Today’s school is the starting of the school of the future and of coming years. I can only name some of the new trends. Sorry for it’s a rather long list, but it’s interesting to take a look at it anyway. But please don't discard things that go well, traditional ways of teaching. Namely the trends: flipped classroom, creativity by the student and by the teacher, connection with the students’ parents and family, problem-solving activities,
learning and acquiring second and foreign languages, coaching by the teacher, comprehensive and integral education, both will and feelings taking into account, group-working and furniture in order to that way of working, natural light in the classroom,
working on their own, the Internet, tablets or laptops, developing apps, tutoring-sessions, class discussions at learning and acquiring other languages, discussions with grown-ups about their way of learning and also listening to the teen about his way of learning, immersion in the second or foreign language, communication in that language, 
comprehensive homework, presentations by the students, teachers as leaders, education-for-leadership, involving into globalization, initiatives by the students, competences and not only knowledge, talents discovering, decision-making,
online teaching, education for facing everyday life. Phew! Here you are. Thank you for reaching here. / Photo from: Guide to Finding Online Work for Stay at Home. The picture is just a nice illustration.
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