Monday, March 27, 2017

3139. Our Students May Be Nice!

If we teachers treat our students politely and respectfully, more likely we’ll be respected too. Or over time maybe. As simple as that. It’s something I’ve seen, as you may have seen too.
Teens may tend to be disruptive. Some or many of them at least, okay. But even they themselves are confused about themselves. They don’t understand themselves. For example one adolescent may reply a bit harsh to his teacher, but quite often maybe he pretty soon realizes that his answer was not nice.
I can remember myself that when I was a kid, some 14 years, one day one of my high school or secondary education teachers asked me why I looked tired and with my head between my hands and if I was okay, and I told him – he was a nice person and very honorable – that at that moment my head seemed heavy or something like that – a rather silly reply you know, and after some time I realized I had given him a silly and ugly answer.
Many of our teenager students may be doing nonsense and silly things, but we adults should be patient with them and take into account that we may be sowing seeds now that will spring in the future and this is pretty remarkable: Who among us teachers, tell me, have never hassled and caused some trouble either to our parents or our teachers or both?
Let’s be nice but firm with our kid students and we’ll be hitting the target on the very center. / Photo from: aviva-mile-challenge-girls-pic athleticsireland ie. Those girls on the pic look nice people.

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