Thursday, March 16, 2017

3124. Our Attitude to Our Students

We teachers should be very human and humane with our students: with each and every student. Kids need adults that would listen to themselves. And they have us: they should expect we’re going to listen to them, in the classroom, at tutoring sessions, at the school halls, at the playground.
As I said on the previous post we teachers could be like their dads or moms. Be careful: we teachers might be the single persons who could be listening to them. Maybe their parents are split or engaged in busy businesses and don’t listen to them much. Maybe not anyway.
We teachers have to make those parents realize they must listen to their kids.
All this listening to them by us is pretty educative for students. Better if male teachers would listen to boys at tutorials and the same concerning girls.
Even more: we in some way must live for them, for any of them, and they’re part of our reason we go to the school every day: we owe ourselves to them. They’re the reason of our lives, partially at least. In some way we have to be like their dads and moms. / Photo from: bloomboard com. The picture I suppose shows a father and his son, not a teacher anyway.

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