Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3142. Teaching Adults is Simply Great!

Lessons with grown-ups are great! Besides those lessons enrich the teacher too and for a great deal, because the students have many things to tell you, also after the lesson or at recesses. And from the way they work they can teach you a lot. It’s my case now.
As well those lessons take them somehow to their young age, when they were kids or young people, but now with a lot more of experience and a way of learning and acquiring which is nice, plus some learning strategies that make them some of the best students ever.
Moreover those lessons, in themselves, make those people become more active intellectually and that makes for it.
Those lessons encourage them and move their mood, and provide a taste of youth, when they were young. If they’re retired people those classes take them out of home and make them relate with other people. Adults may be some of the best students I’ve had.
Still they can do many great things of course, and those lessons can help them do things for the community and for other adult people, like asking questions in the target language to one another in the classroom – questions are often asked by the teacher but the students also have to practice making questions in English, our common target language.
Something interesting too: we speak in English both before and after the lessons, so the classroom is kind of a piece of land where English is spoken, like from an English-speaking country! Most of them have traveled abroad and have been to countries where English is spoken, so they can conduct in English! / Photo from: Black Box Vending

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